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A movement has begun and the time is now for our federal government to match what the majority of our country desires.  Grandparents, mothers, fathers, young children, professional athletes and many more are all emphatically speaking up and making it clear what our society will ethically accept in our president, senators and representatives.  Our nation will truly achieve the moral growth and spiritual purpose of this movement by passing and enforcing legislation benefiting a majority of the population.

It is important to protect and expand laws protecting Civil Rights for everyone within our country.  We can influence the deep-rooted beliefs of the younger generation by showing politicians care and respect one another. If we lead with our heart, prejudices and personal enrichment will be left in our history and not part of our future.  

I will always support legislation that gives hope and a path to prosperity for the majority of our citizens.  We must use an altruistic belief and care for our families, friends and neighbors by supporting each other on our path to fulfilling our own American dream.

About Michael

I was born and raised in Ohio and my parents taught me the value of hard work, being self-sufficient and being myself (sometimes hard to do in a family of six kids).  I grew up experiencing the daily challenges many Midwest middle class families face and worked a variety of jobs including paperboy, restaurant server, city landscaping summer crew member, pizza delivery and Burger King employee.  

I earned a B.S. in Business at Miami University (Oxford, OH) and will complete a Master's in Government - Policy Analysis from Harvard University School of Extension Studies this May. 

My professional career has been in the financial services and technology industries most recently as a founding employee of an Internet start-up and a Silicon Valley technology company Senior Director of project management.  I learned valuable lessons about dedicating my time to creating a successful venture, collaborating with subject matter experts and developing processes. I witnessed firsthand ordinary people from all nationalities and walks of life build their dream businesses and identified what I believe our country needs to help all citizens prosper and experience their best lives.  I would take pride in being a steward of our diverse population and champion progressive policy changes to lead our country in a new direction.

I am running because I know I have a message which resonates with the majority of our friends and neighbors.  I will fight for all of you and promote an agenda that will positively reverberate across our nation and across the world.  I decided to further my education and then run for office while witnessing our cherished political institutions deteriorate over the past four years.  I am entering the race now because it is clear that the Democratic party does not have a strong candidate that will inspire hope.  I CAN!

With your support, I will bring our country back from a divisive quagmire and bring common sense and decency to our political discussion.  The tribalism emanating out of party politics is not healthy for our children, ourselves and our nation.  I grew up with various family and friends who identify at the extremes of both political ideologies and I understand how to relate to each group and what both sides need to heal and unite.  I am here to stand up for fairness for everyone in this country. 

My wife and I have been blessed with a healthy, inquisitive and precocious son and I am not going to let our nation go down a dark path because of greed only to leave his generation in dire straits.  But, I am always optimistic about our future and know in my heart that we can defend true progressive values, preserve everyone's God-given and Constitutional rights and put this country in a direction to lead the world in economic prosperity and provide security for every citizen. 

- Michael

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