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This is where I stand on just some of the important issues of today.

Fight to solve Climate change - Invest in our children's future

Climate change is real and we need to act now in order to reverse its impact and real threats to future generations

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Cannot be bought – no lobbyists, corporate or PAC donations

I support finding ways to limit the impact of Citizens United on our elections and have lasting Campaign finance reform. Work for individuals, not corporations.  I will rely on small contributions now and in the future.  I will not be swayed by donations that come with a quid pro quo.

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Create better paying jobs

The U.S. has talented, willing and capable individuals who should have a position with better wages and job security. (Read More)

Protect Children and Abused Women

Back legislation to protect women and children who have been sexually and physically abused and punish violators.

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Support for Single-payer healthcare

I support single-payer national healthcare for all citizens.  I would also push for more coverage on preventive and wellness treatment. (Read More)

End income inequality

Income inequality is one of the greatest threats to America today and the Federal government must act with great care to bring income more into balance or threaten our entire economic and social order. (Read More)

Gun Reform

Gun reform is a must. It was necessary after Sandy Hook and more important now after senseless killings nationwide.  It is a shame and ridiculous that Congress has not done something yet. There are bills we can pass that will protect the original intent of the Second Amendment but help prevent another tragic and unnecessary loss.

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Defend Military families and Veterans

No to war and support diplomatic solutions. For the brave men and women who do choose to defend our freedoms, I support raises.  For veterans, I support improving VA staffing and facilities and allow them to see private doctors. (Read More)

Support DREAMers, TPS and asylum seekers

I support legislation to protect recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status programs and will uphold the rights of asylum seekers. 

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Protect our Bill of Rights for All citizens

"We the People" have chosen to follow the rule of law set forth under our Constitution and I will fight against any attack on the freedoms provided to us under the Bill of Rights (Read More)

Education reform

We need to invest our time and resources into our public school systems and improve the results. (Read More)

Living minimum wage

If I am elected, I will support legislation to raise the minimum wage and provide more protections to low income and middle class families.

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Support LGBTQ Rights

Everyone deserves equal protection, equal rights and equal opportunities.

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Reinstate Net Neutrality

I support the 17 states (and counting) who have brought lawsuits against the FCC but more importantly I think Congress should use their oversight power to check the FCC.

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Criminal Justice reform

Our criminal justice and prison system today do not support our law enforcement and non-violent citizens.

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Invest in Innovation and Infrastructure

Give start-ups a level playing field and use our booming economy to reinvest into our infrastructure and finally bring us into the 21st century.
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