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A Moral Deal for America

Teddy Roosevelt had the Square Deal, Woodrow Wilson campaigned on the New Freedom Plan, FDR passed the New Deal and LBJ had the Great Society.  Learning from their successes, I am entering this campaign with a clear vision and message for America.  A Moral Deal is my plan for reform, prosperity and hope for ALL Americans on a scale never before seen or felt.  

How will my policies and actions impact all Americans?  After answering that question from my heart, I knew I needed a plan to achieve the greatest good for our society.  I believe the president has a moral obligation to promote policies that uplift and benefit the vast majority of citizens.  It starts with a shake-up of laws, values and principles that have been stagnant for generations.  I will work with Congress to put the inalienable rights of individuals first and balance it with fiscal responsibility.

The Moral Deal is a series of proposals, programs, regulations and reforms I promise to enact through Executive Orders or introduce to Congress and work tirelessly to pass.  It is designed to have an impact on who we are, how we act, where our tax dollars are spent and what can we all do to make our shared experience better.  This is not socialism and I am no more a socialist than two of our greatest presidents (and Republicans), Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt when they used their presidential powers to implement sweeping changes for the majority in this country.  In fact, these are measures long overdue and a responsibility we all must proudly own in order to reshape our lives to be freer, safer, happier and leave a brighter future for our children.  


1.     Workers first  - Moral Value over Shareholder value

·       Corporations must increase measures for safer products and safer working conditions

·       Support strengthening of labor unions

·       Support workers having a seat on all corporate boards

·       Childcare, paid leave and mandatory 4 weeks paid vacation for full-time employees

·       Living wage - $15 plus a cost of living adjustment

·       Require training to laid-off employees

·       Balance out the geographic job growth across the United States

           ·      Offer incentives for jobs to move to the Midwest

·       Enact measures to significantly decrease income inequality


 2.    Support for women, children and our communities

·       Strengthen Child Safety Act and Child Protection Improvements Act

           ·      Further protect children and women from violence, abuse and exploitation

·       Press for redraft and finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

·       Protect abused women and children 

           ·      Support the Federal Equality Act and the LGBTQ community

        ·      Create a new administration position to oversee

·      Fund methods to end the opioid crisis

·      Protect a women's right to choose

·      Support DREAMers and DACA

·      Identify new technologies to reduce our public health threats


3.   Invest in infrastructure

·     Two Trillion dollars over the next 10 years to fix roads, bridges, airports and railways

·     Invest in all states - rural areas and major cities

·     New jobs program for infrastructure workers across the country


4.   Invest in Public Education like never before

·     Double public school funding equally for ALL public schools K-12

           ·    $1 spent in early childhood education saves $7 in future public spending

·     Encourage teacher retention and teacher raises 

·     Look at options to revamp the system of Public College, Trade and Vocational schools

·     Significantly improve nutrition in the student lunch program

·     Explore fair options to cancel 100% of college debt:

           ·    Peace Corps volunteer after graduation 3 months training, 3 months abroad

           ·    Past or future graduates – part-time community volunteer work for 1 year


5.    Climate change and clean energy

·      Build new, safer nuclear plants and solve our energy crisis with thorium 

·      Develop molten salt thorium reactors across the U.S.

           ·    Capable of cheap, clean energy, cannot meltdown and proliferation resistant 

·      Re-enter and renegotiate Paris Climate Accord 

           ·   Pursue a Treaty with more aggressive and higher standards for all countries

·      Promote alternatives to hydraulic fracturing ("fracking")

·      Major investment in radically new energy/new technology for airplanes


6.     Single-payer national healthcare 

·       Identify and support a fiscally responsible plan  

·       Significantly reduce prescription drug prices

·       Coverage with all private hospitals, nurses and physicians

·       Low co-pay and income-tiered deductibles

·       Include programs for wellness, healthy diets and gym memberships

           ·    Consider individual and corporate tax credits for wellness care and gyms


7.    Save our food supply and small farmers of America

·      Increase family and small farm subsidies

·      Clean-up waste in land to support agriculture

·      Protect natural wildlife and habitats - strengthen the Endangered Species Act

·      Support safe food, strengthen the EPA and FDA


8.   Foreign Policy - Diplomacy First

·     Fully staff the State Department

·     Human rights are the highest priority

·     Expand our trading partners

·     Humane but firm solution to immigration concerns:

·     Basic and expanded human rights in our immigration centers

·     Abide by the International human rights laws for asylum seekers

·     Maintain misdemeanor status and penalties for illegal border crossings

·     Work with Central American countries to build-up their economies

·     Expand the Peace Corps

·     Increase USAID and Official Development Assistance (ODA)

·     Focus on clean water projects in developing countries 

·     Increase US military role in peacekeeping capacity in NATO and the United Nations

·     Prioritize peace talks, treaties and economic partnerships with adversarial states

·     Revisit and renegotiate the nuclear non-proliferation treaty

           ·    Work toward complete denuclearization in the next 10 years

·     Rebuild America’s image across the globe with frequent foreign visits


9.   Domestic safety - focus on discourse and terrorism 

·     Support laws protecting First Amendment rights but limiting hate speech online

·     Support a Domestic Terrorist Act to prevent terror crimes within the U.S.

·     Executive Order for funding a domestic terrorism and nationalism prevention program


10. Tax reform

·     Repeal Trump Tax Cut

           ·    Increase corporate tax and the highest marginal tax rate         

           ·    Decrease middle-class tax rate

·     50% estate tax with an exclusion for the first $6 million

·     End carried interest

·     Would explore bold new ideas such as a 25% hybrid flat tax 

        · 10% for lower income households

        · A lower tax for many small businesses

        · Allow for child tax credit, mortgage deductions (2 homes) and college tuition

        · Corporations pay 25% (deductions for healthcare and charitable giving)

·     Corporate tax reform

           ·  Stop Billionaires from turning into LLCs and tax their business interests

          ·   Tax on AI and automation 

          ·   Close corporate loopholes 

          ·   Support proposal for restrictions on corporate stock buybacks


11.   Campaign reform

·       Support the Anti-corruption Act

·       Support big donor disclosure laws

·       Support a small voucher system for promoting candidates

·       Mandatory new voting machines with paper trails in all voting precincts

·       Increase federal punishment for acts of voter intimidation and suppression


12.  Protect the 2nd Amendment and introduce tougher gun laws

·      Support guns for your protection and legal hunting

·     Mandatory gun safety and shooting courses to qualify and continuing education

·      Tougher background checks – full criminal and psychological profile

·      Single database accessible for Federal, state and local law enforcement: 

·      Keep records for police warrants

·      Track ownership and secondary exchanges

·      Track mental health history and military records of gun applicants and owners

·      Support increased mental healthcare for veterans and high school students 

·      Funding for police to increase community outreach and use of non-lethal force


13.   Regulations

·       Sherman Anti-trust Act – break-up monopolies

·       Bring back Dodd-Frank

·       Reinstate Net Neutrality

·       Stronger EPA

·       Protect the CFPB


14.  Fiscal Responsibility (focus on our future)

·      Balance the budget! Responsible spending to protect our national interests 

·      Protect entitlements and secure solvency of Social Security and Medicare

·      Every citizen and corporation pays their fair share

·      Reverse the trend and begin paying down the national debt

·      Repeal most (if not all) of Trump's tariffs


15.   Federal legalization of marijuana

·      Support a safe and necessary alternative to prescription drugs

·      Enforce the right to recreational use in all states by all individuals age 25 or older

·      Estimates show:

          ·   It would generate over $100 Billion in federal tax revenue

          ·   Create over 1 million new jobs

·      Re-evaluate sentences of current non-violent marijuana possession inmates

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